While exploring this site, you will find a collage of photographs I have taken over the course of several years. These photographs include nature pictures, food pictures and pieces of art I have drawn or have found. A majority of these pictures were taken in the city of Montreal, Qc. You will be able to scroll through and discover the beauty of this city. Perhaps you are bored and looking for places to discover within the city of Montreal. Whether it be nature, a cozy coffee shop to study in or a trendy place to eat and socialize. This site perfectly caters towards fulfilling your wishes.

I enjoy taking pictures as well as editing them. This website allows me to store all of the photographs I have taken, as well as share them with others. Essentially, this site serves as a photgraphic journal, with an added audience.

Several of these pictures were taken using the Canon T3 as well as my iPhone.

saving memories one picture at a time
A photograph doesn't always need to be staged, or taken in a studio with a fancy camera. Art surrounds us as we explore our environment. It's a matter of finding this art that surrounds us and appreciating its existence, whether it be through enjoying it in the moment, keeping it in your memories, or saving it on your camera roll.
Nabilah Rouf
Dawson College, Montreal, Qc